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Technical Support Center (TSC)

Support worflow

1st Support level

Level 1 support is:

  • Collect customer requests and data.
  • Attend to customer phone calls.
  • Respond to user emails.
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting using questionnaires.
  • Create tickets for Level 2 support.
  • Provide product information.
  • Solve common problems such as basic issues, verification and setup.


Usually, Level 1 support teams solve user problems by following standard operating procedures (SOP) otherwise forward the queries to Level 2 support.

2nd Support level

The Level 2 technician ask the user for an in-depth analysis of the problem before providing a solution.
Usually, Level 2 for a better understanding collect the indicator, logs and complete set of component versions to do troubleshooting.
They provide a complete analyse, solution and procedure to solve the issue.

If a solution is not available, the query moves up to Level 3 support.

3rd Support level

This level of support requires experts.

Level 3 support consists of specialists such as architects, engineers and developers. They can provide solutions for a wide variety of technical problems.

When a query goes up to third Level support, the technicians will provide patch to solve issue in pre-production environment to qualify and next streamline standard update to definitively fix it.

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