Pulse XMPP realtime management

Pulse is the opensource solution that meets all the needs of IT asset management. It allows you to fully manage your assets both technically and in terms of TCO, providing a fast ROI.





A simple and ergonomic web interface allows you to access Pulse from anywhere, whether being on your computer or your tablet.

The Pulse dashboard brings value-added information each time you connect in order to track assets that require your attention.

Monitoring deployment, multicast

Supervise and drive your OS or application deployments simply via charts..

Step by step, all the events are logged, allowing you to know all their slightest details and sort them by type. Create subgroups for a better ease of use.


Pulse packaging wizard analyses and suggests the proper installation switches to create your silent installation packages for your applications.

It analyzes the type of installer used by your application, whether it being windows (msi, msp, exe, cmd ..), mac (dmg, pkg ..) linux, and finds out the line or script necessary for its installation.

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